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Flyz Inc. Bespoke Flies was established in March 2016. The original business model was a tying operation offering high-quality, bespoke flies to the South African retail market. In time, Flyz Inc. Bespoke Flies also intended to extend the company’s reach by exporting area-specific fly ranges.  Currently our flies are supplied to all major fishing stores in S.A and export locations are Russia, Seychelles, Dubai, Norway and Australia.

What sets our flies apart is not always visible to the naked eye.  Durabilty is a key factor to the construction of all our patterns and We go through large quantities of resins and glues during the tying stage to strengthen the flies through the tying process.  Small finishing touches not seen on many mass produced flies are present on all our patterns such as fully expoxied heads, high gloss quality dome eyes to name a few.

We belive you can not construct quality flies with inferior quality materials so only high quality materials are used in all our flies, no compromise.  Our hooks of choice are Gamakatsu, Daiichi and Kamasan all top end hook brands chose for specific applications through the range and although more expensive than other brands a fly is only as good as the hook it is tied on.

Flyz Inc has a reputation of the go to crowd if you are looking for area specific fly packs for that trip of a life time or a weekend to Dullstroom and you want some thing different or unique to try.  We put fly packs together for any destination and through our contacts and networking with the guides around the world we get on the ground info on the latest patterns, whats working and the right selection for local conditions.  This info from the guides is invaluable and worth its weight in gold.

Areas that our fly packs travel regularly are the Seychelles, Russia, BC, UK, USA, Norway, Scandinavia, Mexico, Cuba, Cost Rica, Mongolia, Zambia, Mozambique and many more.

We believe you can go to the far corners of the world, with the best gear money can buy, all the skills needed from throwing a full fly line with pin point accuracy to tying a Bimini in under three minutes, if you do not have the right fly at the business end then it really is all for naught!  Don’t compromise on the fly, buy the best, the right pattern selection with more having gone into the pattern that is obvious and smile as it all comes together when that fish of a lifetime comes to hand.

Flyz Inc – Testing the Water Through Innovation.

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