Bolivia - Golden Dorado

What is the most ferocious freshwater game fish? As Africans we are biased and would love to say Tigerfish, but the Golden Dorado in Bolivia would have something to say about that. 

Sharp teeth, a body built out of muscle and heads that are disproportionately big for their bodies... These fish mean business, and that business is killing. 

We have been hosting trips into the Bolivian jungle for a number of years now and out of all the destinations we host at this is the one where local knowledge can make or break your experience. Jungle foot, venomous spiders and the infamous parasite that can swim up your 'you-know-what'. There are tips and tricks to avoid all of these and that is probably the easiest sales pitch as to why it is worth booking through a company that has been there and done that. (not the parasites, luckily..)

For any game fish enthusiast that enjoys pristine nature, the sense of adventure and the opportunity to catch trophy fish in skinny water, this is the trip for you.

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