Weekend Fishing in Wakkerstroom

Fancy a weekend stay that is both perfect for the wife and kids while still tickling your trout itch? Look no further. Especially if you enjoy peace and quiet away from the obvious crowds.

We have partnered with a lodge in Wakkerstroom (border of KZN and Mpumulanga) that offers a whole array of family activities, a restaurant and bar while also having some incredible trout fishing on your doorstep. 

Big brown trout, a healthy population of rainbow trout and a setting that is both rewarding and dynamic. The fish eat natural flies as well as any and the bigger browns can't help themselves when a bigger piece of protein comes past them. 

We can either facilitate your booking at the lodge, ensuring you have the correct information and arrive prepared, or we can offer a guided weekend where one of our staff accompanies you and helps teach the family/guide you into some unforgettable trout. 

For cost enquiries and availability please reach out via email (admin@xfactorangling.co.za) and we will get back to you.