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Nayat premium or snowrunner is the best XL hair wing material we have found for big predator flies. The nayat originates from a fairly uncommon breed of farm animal that is domestically bred. The hair is slightly stiffer and more translucent than Icelandic Pony, or Arctic Runner, and does not mat in the water like Icelandic Sheep or Llama.

At Bigstreamers you get without a doubt the best quality and longest Nayat/Snowrunner in the world.

-Royal Bag’s-
-Translucent Hair-
-Brilliant colors-
-Cost-effect hair wing material for big flies-
-One of the best materials for tying big pike streamers-

Fat Slabbies - Orange River 2021

Some fish are burned into your memory. The seconds before it eats, the minutes after you've released it, all crisp as if it had happened yesterday....

Feb 22, 2022 1173

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