Sudan (Red Sea)

Almost everyone by now has heard about the triggerfish mayhem that ensues in the Red Sea close to Sudan. It is nothing short of bonkers. The minimal tidal movement means that your fishing is less dictated by tides and more by wind, which can either bring the warm water from the North or the cooler water from the South. What that means is that you feasibly can have a full day of sight fishing madness without having to worry about the tide turning or flattening out.

The interesting thing with Sudan is that in the trips we have hosted there, we have realised that viewing it as a triggerfish destination is a real disservice to the insane GT fishing that can be had. Throw in a couple plus-sized Bohar snapper and some aggressive reef species and you start seeing it for the diverse fishery it is. 

So little is know about the Southern half of the Sudanese coastline, our favourite, but we have seen Bumphead parrotfish hooked and dropped, Milkfish landed, Permit and Bonefish on the flats and some GT's that push the 1.4m category. 

While it is undoubtedly the triggerfish capital of the world, it is so much more than that too.

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