Diawl Bach Booby


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One thing we really pride ourselves on here at Fario Fly is the quality of our Boobies…that’s right they’re awesome! With even and smooth foam eyes, soft marabou wings and tied with perfect proportions we are confident that our Booby range cannot be beaten on quality or pattern choice for this style of fly.
The Green Holo Diawl Bach is a fantastic pattern for fishing the washing line method. The black colours of this fly lend themselves well to fishing during a buzzer hatch with two or three buzzers fished on the droppers above the booby fished on the point position.
Hook- Heavy Wet Size 10.
Eyes- 3.5mm Black Ethafoam
Overall length- Approx 20mm
Body- Peacock Herl with Green Holo Tinsel Rib
Rib- Medium Green Holo Tinsel
Tail/beard hackle- Black Cock Hackles Fibres
International Comp legal- Yes

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