Black and Sunburst Diawl Bach(114)


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This Diawl Bach pattern we have found to be amazingly successful during buzzer hatches.  Sometimes best fished as a team of three this fly has caught the Fario Fly team more over-wintered fish than any other nymph. A very simplistic design with a slim black pheasant tail body (ribbed with black flexi-floss), black tail and hackle finished off with sunburst edge goose biot cheeks. This is a particularly “fishy” fly and one that you should have in your box.
Hook- Heavy Wet Size 12-10
Thread Colour- Black.
Overall length- Approx Sz10 20mm, Sz 12 18mm.
Rib- Black Flexi Floss.
Cheeks- Sunburst edge Goose Biots.
Body- Dyed Black peacock herl.
Tail- Black Cock Hackle Fibres
International Comp legal- Yes.

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